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If the star of the boy is 3rd, 5th, 7th from the Janma nakshatra, Anujanma nakshatra or Trijanma nakshatra of the girl, there is no Dina porutham. Anujanma nakshatras are the 10th and Trijanma nakshatra are the 19th from the janma nakshatras. In otherwords, count the constellation of the boy from that of the and divide by 9. If the remainder is 2,4,6,8,0 it is good. The number of units of compatibility assigned to this kuta is 3 in case agreement is found.


Stars are classified into three groups as Deva (divine), Manusha (human) and Rakshasa (diabolical). Deva presents piety, goodness of character and charitable nature. Manusha is a micture of good and bad, while Rakshasa suggests obession with self-will, domineering nature and violence. There different natures are indicated by birth constellations. A Deva can marry a Deva, a Manusha can marry a Manusha and a Rakshasa can marry a Rakshasa.
Manushaor a Deva boyd should not marry a rakshasa girl until there are other neutralizing factors. But mariage bewteen a Rakshasa boy and a Deva or a Manusah girls is possible. If marriage is brought about between prohibited ganas, there will be quarrels and disharmony. The couple would always look for and opportunity for separation or divorce.


The constellation of the boy counted from that of the girl should be the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and 25th. Mahendra porutham will bring harmony and enhance logevity.

4.Stree Dirgha

If the boy's star frm the gir's exceeds 13 Stree Dirgha porutham between them is good and highlty beneficial. If the distance is more than 7 and less than 13 Stree Dirgha is medium.


Yoni means sex and Yoni Kuta implies sexual compatibility. The seual urge of a person born, for instance, in Chitta is supposed to be as strong as that of a tiger. The human embryo, in the course of its development, passes through various stages of evolution-mammals, quadrapeds, etc., So the tendencies of certain animals will be predominant. Those born in Leo tend to have the character of a lion, while those born in Aries are timind and mild. So the best way is to match a male belonging to ta male asterism with a female belonging to female asterism. All the 27 nakshatras have been assigned certain animal characeristics and sexes. A marriage between the constellations indicating same class of yoni and between the male and the female stars of that yoni is said to lead to happiness. If the male and the female happen to be born in friendly yonis, but both represent female constellations, there will be moderate happniess and agreeement. Constellations typifying hostile pairs occuring in nature like cat and dog should be avoided.


For marriage, a male born in the 7th, 10th, 11th or 8th, 9th and 12th signs from janma rasi of the girl is considered auspicious. If both male and female are born in one and the same rasi but have different stars, the alliance is considered auspicious. For example, if the girl is bonr in Pubba star and the boy is born in Makha star, they are born in the one and the same rasi, namely simha and marriage between them is considered auspicious. If the boy's rais is 2nd from the girl's the girl may become a widows or the boy a widower. If the boy's rasi is 3rd from the girl's, unhappy married life will be the result. If the boy's rasi is 4th from the girl's, frequent quarrels will result. If the boy's rasi is 5th from the girl's, she is likely to become a window. If the boy's rasi is 6th from the girl's, diseases and loss of children are the result.


This is the most important kuta or agreement as it determines the physical disposition of the couple. The mental qualities of the partners and their affection for each other are of vital importance for a happy married life. This must be tested before marriage. In considering graha maitram, the friendship or compatibility of the lords of the janma rasis is important. When lords of the janma rasis of the bride and bridegroom are friends, the Rasi Kuta is said to have attained full strength. When one is a friend and the other is neutral, it is passable. When both are neutral, Rasi kuta is very ordinary. When both are enemies Rasi Kuta does not exist


Astrologers are of the view that Rajju porutham between boy's and girl's horoscopes can be matched in the absence of other 9 kutas. From this, it is clear that Rajju is an important porutham in matching the horoscopes. The 27 nakshatras have been grouped into five types of rajju. of these five Siro Rajju and Kanta Rajju are highly inauspicious. Alliances between the male and female whose stars come under the same two Rajjus referred to above cause death of the boy/girl respectively. If the stars fall under the Nabhi Rajju, it indicates loss of children. If the stars fall under Kati Rajju, it indicates financial losses. If the stars fall under Pada Rajju, it suggests change of place and unnecessary expensive travels. Hence, it is desirable that the boy and the girl have stars belonging to different Rajjus or groups.



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