Why horoscope match is necessary?

Our society attaches greatest importance to marriage and horoscope compatibility (pathu porutham) or ten kinds of matches. When searching for alliance the first thing done by the parents is exchange of birth horoscopes (jataka) of bride and groom. If they are not suitable they will reject the allinace even though the girl or boy is suitable in other respects like education, status, etc.,

Marriage, both in social and economic sense, is a sexual relationship entered into with the intention of making it permanent. In India marriage is regarded as a religious sacrament and marriage comprehends the equality of the partner in respect of Dharma (right conduct), Artha (financial position), Karma (sex relation) and Moksha (final salvation). The universality of marriage constitutes on of the most striking differences between the Hindus and other races. Marriages between parties belonging to the same Gotra are not favoured perhaps because of the dysgenic influence on the offspring. Inter-racial, intercommunal and inter-religious marriages are not looked upon favourably because in such matches there are cultural difference.

After a careful consideration of all these factors, the Hindus had devised an astrological means of juding marriage compatibility whereby the relations between the couple may stand the strain of maladjustment. In selecting horoscopes for marraige, three factors have to be considered. They are,

  • The longevity of the bride and the bridegroom
  • The larger strength of the 7th and 8th houses.
  • Agreeability in regard to the Kutas or porutham
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