Moola, Ashlesha, Jyeshta - are they bad?

There is a misconception about the some destructive nakshatras among Indian people as well as astologers. Apart from horoscope and jataka porutham some nakshatras of girls are considered evil and feared death of husbands relatives. For instance Moola nakshatra is considered bad and if a boy marries a girl with Moola nakshatra it is considered boys father will die. Similary Ayilya (Ashlesha) is considered bad for bridegroom mother-in-law and kettai (Jyeshta) is considered bad for boys elder brother and Vishaka is considered bad for boys younger brother.

This is partly true. We know each nakshatra is further divided into four quarters or padas. Birth will take place in one of those four padas. In each nakshatra only certain quarter or pada is evil/bad and kill relatives. For Moola nakshatra only first quarter is bad and should be avoided. Those born in 2, 3rd and 4th pada of Moola can be married without fear. For Ayilya (Ashlesha) and Jyeshta nakshatra also only 1st pada is bad and evil. For Vishaka last (4th) pada is destructive and should be avoided. Thus avoid rejecting girls based on these nakshatras and note pada and decide finally.

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